Simplifya Partners with CannGen Insurance Services to Reward Compliant Cannabis License Holders

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Denver – Simplifya, the leading provider of regulatory compliance software for the cannabis industry, announced today a partnership with CannGen Insurance Services, the cannabis industry’s leading insurance underwriting facility, to provide licensed cannabis businesses with discounted insurance premiums for qualified operators. “Both Simplifya and CannGen recognize the value that compliance … Read More

Redesigning Our Compliance Dashboard Just for You

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For a lot of tech companies, the amount of time users spend in an application becomes the gold standard metric. With today’s release of our new compliance dashboard, we’re hoping to make it so that our users can spend less time in Simplifya.  There’s a famous quote that gets tossed … Read More

The Evolution of Simplifya’s Colorado SOP Bundle

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Colorado SOP Bundle

Last year, Simplifya’s Colorado SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) bundle consisted of 35 templates that covered important subjects related to cannabis operations. We called this the “generic bundle” because, with the exception of California, the same 35 templates were used for other states. It was a way to quickly create coverage … Read More

Brace Yourself: Incremental Cannabis Reforms Ahead

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Cannabis Reforms

Cannabis Industry Veteran Sees Some Limited Federal Changes Coming Anyone involved in cannabis knows the legal and regulatory environment underpinning the industry is subject to new laws and regulations at the federal, state, and local levels. To date, states have led the way on cannabis reforms, from California’s voters approving … Read More

Simplifya Takes on Detroit at CannaCon Midwest

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CannaCon Midwest

The atmosphere at CannaCon Midwest was electric this past weekend. The Cobo Center was bustling with Michiganders poised to get in on the state’s sexiest new industry: cannabis. Michigan has had medical cannabis since 2008, but in just a few months the state will begin issuing licenses for recreational cannabis, … Read More

Simplifya Meets MED Directors Burack and Mendiola

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Jim Burack and Dominique Mendiola

At Simplifya, we like to get as much face-to-face time as possible with other members of the cannabis industry. On any given night, you can find our team attending rule-making hearings, trade shows, and networking events like Tuesday night’s CannaGather event featuring Marijuana Enforcement Division Director Jim Burack and Deputy … Read More

Updated SOP templates address California BCC forms

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dispensary SOPs

California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) recently announced the release of the proposed cannabis regulations that are right now under review by the California Office of Administrative Law (OAL). The Bureau’s rulemaking action regarding these regulations, initially noticed on July 13, 2018, was submitted to OAL for review on December … Read More

Updated SOP templates now available for Colorado

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cannabis SOPs

What better way to start your new year than by using SOP templates that comply with Colorado’s new marijuana rules? While most of us were sipping champagne and celebrating the New Year, Colorado’s updated marijuana rules went into effect. In a recent blog post, we pointed out the most significant … Read More

Your company needs SOPs ASAP

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What is the Deal with SOPs? Developing written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is critical for cannabis businesses. Operating procedures, in some jurisdictions, are even required as part of the application for a business license. Mandatory or not, they are a useful tool that companies can use to define various tasks. … Read More