8 new Simplifya features you might have missed

We pride ourselves on moving fast here at Simplifya, and sometimes we move so fast it becomes easy to miss a new bit of functionality here, a new and improved interface there. That’s why we’re circling back to make sure you saw some of the biggest new Simplifya features and improvements from the last few months.

1. In-app user notifications

We know everyone loves to switch between email notifications and Simplifya when looking through their assigned tasks. But you deserve more than that. All users now have real-time notifications in their top nav that can be accessed from any page in Simplifya. Click a notification and go to the relevant page, and you never have to leave…

2. Revamped SOP Permissions

A big quality of life improvement and an even larger headache reliever, we’re giving you more flexibility with user permissions. Now, you have the ability to control the actions a role (Employee, Manager) or user is allowed to take, AND the ability to choose which SOPs are visible to users.

We started with SOPs (both on a per-user and a per-role basis), and will be rolling out across other modules of the app soon.

3. New Smart Cabinet interface

Smart Cabinet is undoubtedly one of Simplifya’s most valuable tools, which is why we undertook a big overhaul recently. With a new user interface and the introduction of Applied Periods, document retention just got a whole new meaning. And you get an easy way to visualize documents you’ve uploaded. Check it out!

4. Non-cannabis audit content

As our content expands to cover more and more places in the world, we’ve decided to branch out to regulations beyond cannabis content. In California for example, facilities must be inspected not only for compliance with cannabis regulations, but also the highly intertwined fish and wildlife regulations. And so comes the introduction of non-cannabis audit content, starting with California.

Disclaimer: We’re carefully selecting the non-cannabis regulations to add to Simplifya because of course, we have to draw the line somewhere, right?

5. Rich text formatting

Ever thought the formatting of audits or SOPs could be better? We did too. In order to make our content look as good as our Regulatory Affairs team (the wizards behind the curtain), we needed a way to call attention to textual information. So now, throughout the entirety of the app, text fields use a Rich Text Editor. The power is in your hands to create:

  • Lists!
  • Bold text
  • Italics
  • Underlined text
  • And much more!

6. Oversight Portal

Meet the Oversight Portal. A way for an MJB to allow an outside company to “oversee” its compliance. Whether that is for the purpose of passing financial documents, sharing important underwriting applications or just overseeing license expirations, you’re covered. We created Oversight Portal as a way for an Ancillary Company (or an MJB who does consulting) to oversee specific MJB licenses and the documents that pertain to those licenses.

7. Mark SOP Tasks as “Best Practice”

We are sure you noticed that, when completing SOP tasks, ones without citations were being tagged as Best Practice. However, this is not always a clear representation of which SOP tasks should be considered a best practice. Now, all SOP tasks are able to be marked (and of course unmarked) as a Best Practice by our team and yours.

8. Add multiple Administrators

You asked. We listened. We know that sometimes your one Administrator is not the person who needs to have autonomy over your compliance. Now the existing Administrator can add as many other Administrators as they’d like.

Check back in soon for the next batch of new Simplifya features or get started with a demo.

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