Status Update for 2019 Cannabis Industry Predictions

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cannabis industry predictions

Back in December 2018, on behalf of Simplifya, I made three predictions for what we would see happen in the cannabis industry in 2019. Those predictions included that the New York and Illinois state legislatures would legalize recreational cannabis and that the 116th Congress would enact incremental reform to address … Read More

Top Four Cannabis Compliance Tips For 420

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cannabis compliance tips

The high holiday of 420 is right around the corner, and with it comes a host of cannabis compliance issues your business needs to address to protect your license. Even if you’re usually on top of cannabis regulatory requirements, it’s easy to get distracted with all that’s going on this … Read More

Five things regulatory geeks should be thankful for this year

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cannabis nerds

It’s been another wild year in the cannabis industry for regulatory geeks. More states decided to create legal marijuana markets for their residents and there’s a growing appetite for the Federal government to change its views on cannabis. Federal clarification would be a welcome development, given the Justice Department’s about-face … Read More

A simple way to estimate cost of compliance

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We hear a variety of objections that boil down to some form of “I’ll take my chances.” The statement implies that the cost of compliance with marijuana regulations is greater than the cost of non-compliance, but is that really true? The answer, of course, is that it depends. Cost of … Read More

The compliance officer’s dilemma

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Culture of Compliance The true measure of success for a compliance officer lies in creating a culture of compliance that permeates the organization. He needs to make every employee a compliance officer of sorts, and the greater his degree of success in doing so, the less the need for any … Read More